Friday, 3 June 2016

Brutal Jesters Interview

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Like I said before, this blog is dedicated to two kinds of music. The similarity is that dark atmosphere and with some of the genres melodies. Last update was of synth-pop album review, so this time it is no-holds-barred interview with huge artist! I am superpround to present you:

Brutal Jesters Interview!!!!

1. What sort of music did you grow up with?
Ohmboy: French hip hop, Nirvana, Thunderdome Micropoint Manu le malin
Remzcore: I'm very eclectic in music but my first real crush in music goes to Rock/Metal. I’ve bought albums like: The Offspring, System of a Down, Korn, Marilyn Manson.

2. What lead you to electronic music?

Ohmboy: My love for industrial sounds and DJing on a technical level

Remzcore: Back in 2003, a good Friend gave me: "Thunderdome best of 96". This caused me a massive outbreak. My hero is 3 Steps Ahead.

3. You both have released solo material previously. How did Brutal Jesters happen?
Remzcore: We met in a party called “Leshouille act2”. Ohmboy was mixing before me and Ive got an instant brocrush when he stared scratching. Then when I started my show right after him he got curious about my very particular technique with my computer (initially he’s a vinyl DJ). He asked me if he could scratch during my set. The crowd went nuts and we got gigs together since then. After few gigs, in a party called Azylium we came up with the name: “Brutal Jesters”

4. What are the good points and bad points of collaborations?
Ohmboy: No bad point, it’s all about the discussion and make deals
Remzcore: With collaboration you can get results you could never achieve on your own.

5. Why Frenchcore of all genres?
Ohmboy: Maybe because we are french ?! No lol I think when we created BJ we listened a lot of Frenchcore
Remzcore: I think Frenchcore is the most party oriented style above all, as The Braindrillerz said : “No Frenchcore, No Party!”

6. What kind of equipment you use in the studio?
Ohmboy: Some simples things: a pc, monitors, midi controller and the most important Cubase for sure.
Remzcore: Really not much, the most important is a good computer and a DAW you are comfortable with.

7. How is the scene in France ?
Ohmboy: The scene is big but it's really hard to organize some party here, so there is really less party than there should be.
Remzcore: I think in France it’s totally different region by region. Near our home, partys are small but Lyon and south of France have a big potential.

8. How different is the crowd over there compared to other countries?
Remzcore: The French crowd is very good, they are passionate people, they know the tracks you play and they show it to you.
Ohmboy: All crowds are fucking great, you just need to understand them..

9. How do you approach a remix? What makes it a good one?
Remzcore: For example when we remixed Fa-lium for Dr.Peacock. We kept the main theme but we developed it in our own way. For example we added a sample speech from a guy who thinks he’s was going to hell when he used valium pills.
It’s all about finding a balance between respecting the original and making something new.
To answer on what makes a good remix, well you should keep in mind that in music all the rules can be bended. So there is no particular way to succeed on a remix, just let the magic happen.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?
Ohmboy: I’m preparing a solo album
Remzcore: We currently work with artists from different horizons. We want to evolve our sound. And we are very proud because we have an official remix coming for The Speed Freak.

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